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Here Are A few Eye Diseases That Need Attention!

Eye Health

The eyes are complex organs. Uneasiness or malfunctions in any part of the eye indicates eye infection and problem. While some problems are minor and will go away on their own, other severe conditions may require a specialist’s eye treatment.

Common Eye Conditions

Read on to learn about common eye problems and if your symptoms don’t go away within a few days, then always consult an ophthalmologist.

Amblyopia or lazy eye is a vision development problem found in newborns and young children that can cause permanent loss of vision. Mostly, only one eye is affected. Lifelong eyesight problems and constraints can be evaded if the problem is treated during early childhood. Therefore, treatment should be sought immediately. Treatment includes vision therapy, corrective eyeglasses or eye patching.

Dry Eyes usually happens when there is a lack of tears, lubrication and moisture in the eyes. The tears are a complex amalgamation of water, mucus and fatty oils which helps make the surface of the eyes smooth, and also protect them from infection. This condition can cause pain, redness, irritation and blurred vision.  Usually, mild dry eyes symptoms go away with regular use of over-the-counter lubricating eyedrops. But if your symptoms are persistent it is recommended you consult an eye specialist for proper eye treatment in delhi ncr.

Cataract is clouding of the eye lens causing hazy or color-tinted vision and a decrease in vision. Cataract often expands slowly and can affect one or both eyes and is more common in adults. Some cloudy patches stay small and don’t affect the eyesight. But if they get bigger and affect the vision, replacing the damaged cloudy lens(es) with an artificial one through a surgery almost always works. If you are looking for best eye treatment in Delhi NCR, you may contact Viaan Eye Centre with no second thoughts.

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